August 24, 2007

Hands up, guns out

From M.I.A.'s newest, Kala, comes "World Town". I loved M.I.A.'s last outing, Arular, but I might be liking this newest one more (despite the lack of Richard X songs and the presence of a bizarrely defensive and bitchy interview). It feels more overtly political than Arular, in a more violent(?) way. This M.I.A. is sadder, more weighed down than the previous incarnation, while seemingly embracing dance music more (see the amazing disco strings of "Jimmy").

The two forces collide on "World Town". With a chorus going "Hands up/Guns out/Represent/That world town", and a bridge of cracked-out Hindi flutes, M.I.A. ruminates on a world with no allies (trustworthy ones, at least), and seems to be calling her comrades to arms. Maya, apparently, is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore. All to a catchy beat, no less.

Download: M.I.A. - World Town