September 05, 2007

Aloud and Proud

Countdown to Girls Aloud 4th album began with the new single, "Sexy! No No No...", and continues with the B-side, "Dog Without a Bone" (November can't get here soon enough, dammit!). Legally stealing a riff from Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog" (now we know where Goldfrapp's "Train" comes from?), the ladies do a good job of sharing verses, and come off with a sexy lil' put down of a song. Girls Aloud, belittling men? Wha?

Also is a horrific quality copy of "Singapore", from the super hard to get 2nd disc of their greatest hits, The Sound of Girls Aloud. Good up-tempo ballad. Of sorts.

Download: Girls Aloud - Dog Without A Bone

Download: Girls Aloud - Singapore (tres shitty quality, sorry)


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