July 13, 2007

Bombay, Salaam

I didn't really listen to the new Timbaland album much when it first came out. "Give It To Me", while enjoyable enough, seemed kind of lazy, and there was a vibe to the CD that just seemed to be a bit too...mean? Loose and FutureSex/LoveSounds, while cold at times, had some great, fun songs, and, more importantly, songs that grew on you. Timbaland Presents..., besides being CRAZY long, wasn't accessible on the first spin, and even then, didn't have too many stand out tracks.

Lately, I've given it another chance, however, and it is warming up to me. "Bombay", along with "Throw It On Me" and "The Way I Are" (what a dumb fucking name, eh?).

"Bombay", below, manages to be cooly sexy without being off-putting, thanks in large part to the Indian singer's high pitched coo-ing. With English lyrics that could basically be in Bulgarian ("freaky freaky break down"? "There aint no way in the world im gonna leave you baby " suhriously?), it's still a nice late night track to make sweet love to your mistress to.

Download: Timbaland - Bombay (ft. Amar & Jim Beanz)

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