July 08, 2007

Careful with the label

My new, Scottish (Irish? Where's Glasgow? Scotland. She's Scottish) intern and I recently bonded over our mutual love of Girls Aloud. While she says it's a guilty pleasure, I unabashedly will admit my love for those drunk brits. No other pop group in recent memory has managed to cram as much fun, sex, alcohol, and short skirts into each album as the Girls.

From their recent greatest hits, The Sound of Girls Aloud, comes "Money", a typically awesome GA song. It features crunching guitars, funky horns, a rawkin' chorus, and enough sass to sassify the un-sassiest of dried up old ladies. The icing on the cake is the way they pronounce "dinero" like De Niro, comma Robert.

Have a listen and download: Girls Aloud - Money

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