July 17, 2007

To the Lighthouse

I'm not even going to bother buying Interpol's latest and greatest, Our Love to Admire. "Untitled", "NYC", and "Leif Erikson", from their first CD Turn on the Bright Lights, are in my top 200 hundred favorite songs. They're dark and moody landscapes, and I didn't find anything approaching them on the rest of the CD. Maybe they're buried in Antics, the follow up album, but iTunes tells me I've barely listened to Antics at all, and I trust the damn program. I just couldn't get into the structured monotony of it all.

On a whim, though, I downloaded "The Lighthouse" from OLTA, and damned if the quietly desperate vocals and shimmering guitars didn't draw me in. Sounding like the Cocteau Twins cover of Jeff Buckley's "Song to the Siren", the song falls into an apocalypse around the 4:25 mark. The song is too low-key to hit the heights of "Untitled" and its kin, but it's utterly compelling.

On the flip side, Ana Da Silva's "The Lighthouse" is the song equivalent of someone running through the woods, branches clawing at their face, mud squishing between their toes. Both very moody songs, each equally unsettling.

Download: Interpol - The Lighthouse

Download: Ana Da Silva - The Lighthouse

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