July 20, 2007


After a 2 year wait, the new Girls Aloud album is on the horizon, coming out in a few months. Until then, a semi-ok radio rip of their upcoming single "Sexy! No No No..." will have to suffice.

An excellent vocoder intro that leads into a track a little less 90's dance than "Something Kinda Ooh", a song I wasn't 100% into, full of crashing guitars and a yelling call and response chorus whose vocals morph into something similar to The Knife's "One Hit", oddly enough.

I have a hard time explaining to people just why I love Girls Aloud so much. It's not very convincing when I say that I love them because they're drunk all the time and love to party, but that's a big part of it, actually. To hear young women sing about having a too many margaritas and sleeping around ("Wake me up"), while sharply observing the downside of said behavior ("Swinging London Town") is refreshing, and the fact that Girls Aloud do it with such humour and panache is the cherry on top.

The Xenomania productions are swirling masterpieces of pure pop perfection, paired masterfully with the almost never boring lyrics. I feel like no one working in the pop medium plays around so much with song structure. The extended intro of "SNNN" is on example, the 3-songs-for-the-price-of-1 jumble jangle of "Biology" being another.

Listen, just give yourself over to Nadine, Sarah, Kimbo, Nicola, Cheryl. They're on iTunes and youtube now, so there's no excuse to avoid them. DO IT.

Download: Girls Aloud - Sexy! No no no...

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